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    ABOUT US公司簡介


    Qingdao UnisonEco Food Technology Co.,Ltd.is located in high spicy garlic planting base-Laixi County,Qingdao City,China.It’s one if the largest dehydrated vegetable manufacturer from agricultural planting,harvesting,storage,refrigeration,till deep processing and export.We are also the qualified and reliable supplier of world Fortune 500 Food Enterprises.

    The total investment of the company is 12 million US dollars,covers 83 mu and it’s total construction area is 35,000 square meters.Company has advanced dehydration and milling machinery facilities,the whole production pro......



    Garlic Flake
    Garlic Granules 5-10mesh
    Garlic Granules 8-16mesh
    Garlic Granules 8-20mesh
    Onion Flake 10x10mm
    Onion Flake 5x5mm
    Onion Granules 8-16mesh
    Onion Granules 26-40mesh